Genre: Action/Political Thriller


Similar Films: The Deal, The International, Absolute Power.


Returning home after twenty-five long years to a city he used to understand, Snow, a one time hired hitman for London's gangland, is in search of an old flame but finds himself caught up in a political conspiracy involving the murder of his former boss to whom he is still loyal. Failing to understand why no one seems concerned, Snow attempts to track down those involved but is met with denial, secrecy and threats.


His bitter determination to get to the truth is provoking very powerful people with a lot to lose. Will they manage to silence Snow before he gets to them? With the British Establishment and the Russian Mafia hot on his heels, Snow is forced to awaken long forgotten skills to succeed in finding his love and avenging his former boss's death.


With a budget of just £4.5m and with an 'A' list actor earmarked for the lead role and and all star supporting cast, SNOWMAN will punch above it's weight at the box office and on the big screen, making it an attractive proposition for any discerning investor, sales agent or distributor.


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